The recreational centre Libava offers its guests seven hotel rooms equipped with modern amenities. Each room has a different design and interior. All rooms have an array of amenities that are sure to make your stay in Liepāja relaxing and enjoyable. The suites have jacuzzis with showers. The bathrooms are spacious; some of them overlook the canal.

Look at just some of the amenities that await you in your room:

  • wireless internet/TV
  • minibar/fridge
  • safety box
  • bathrobes and slippers
  • hair dryer
  • room climate control
  • breakfast upon request


The hotel offers four double suites measuring 39m2. They are spacious and furnished with a double bed, sitter sofa or armchair and a desk and chair.Each suite has a jacuzzi combined with a shower.Bathrooms are large; Two of them face the canal.

Room rates from  90.00 EUR

Standard room

The hotel has two standard rooms measuring 28m2located on the roof floor with roof windows.They are cosy double rooms furnished with a double bed, desk and chair. Each room has a bathroom with a bathtub and shower combo.

Room rates from 60.00 EUR

Twin room

One twin room measuring 34m2 is available at the hotel. It is a tasteful room for two persons and has two separate beds, an armchair, desk and chair. This room has roof windows. The spacious bathroom is equipped with a bathtub and shower.

Room rates from 70.00 EUR

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Banquet/conference room

You can organise various events in the banquet and conference room of the recreational centre. It offers space for 150 participants. The room prides itself on the unique wall painting reflecting scenes of old Liepāja. Through the windows of the room you can see a wonderful view of the Liepāja port. The lighting of the room is designed to imitate the starry skies. All the light fixtures are placed according to the real location of stars at the canopy of the heavens. A beautiful wooden “wind rose” reflecting the cardinal points and wind directions will catch your eye here.

Types of events:

  • seminars, conferences
  • official receptions
  • business meetings
  • banquets
  • luxurious weddings and marriage ceremonies
  • corporate events


Rental of premises for organising celebrations and seminars

The large hall (200m2) with the winter garden (37m2).

On weekdays from 9.00 a.m. to6.00 p.m.– 100,00 EUR per hour; 240,00EUR per day

At weekends and on weekdays after 6.00 p.m.– 200,00 EUR for the first hour and 70,00 EUR for each additional hour.


Regarding rental of all premises of the recreational centre please contact us by

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Winter garden

Guests also have the opportunity to enjoy a leisurely breakfast and romantic candlelight dinner in the winter garden with palm-trees and a fountain. This is also the right place to continue earlier started discussions with colleagues or cooperation partners in a relaxed atmosphere. The winter garden is a perfect dining venue for up to 10 guests.

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Bathhouse complex

It is no secret that a sauna and steam bath provide a relaxing and enjoyable environment to help you kick back and unwind.  It is a place to find peace of mind, relaxation and contentment.

In the fireplace room with original stone foundation and the massive wooden beams on the ceiling You can hold a business meeting or you can just relax with a glass of wine in front of the open fireplace.
Our bathhouse complex includes:

  • sauna
  • steam bath
  • large SPA bathtub
  • shower
  • opportunity to relax and refresh in the fireplace room

The sauna, steam bath and SPA bathtub can take up to 10 people each.

Rental of premises for organising celebrations and seminars

The fireplace room (42m2) – 20,00 EUR per hour or 100,00 EUR per day/evening.

The bathhouse complex – 280,00 EUR.

(The fireplace room for the entire evening;the sauna, steam bath and SPA bathtub – for 3 hours.)

It is possible to rent the sauna, steam bath and SPA bathtub separately.


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The restaurant of the recreational centre offers:

  • excellent cuisine with a vast selection of fish dishes and exquisite meat dishes
  • business lunch every weekday
  • menu and bar assortment selected according to your needs for events organised at the recreational centre
  • enjoyable meal on the wonderful summer terrace – just on the bank of the Trade Canal

The recreational centre offers its guests free wireless internet and free parking lots both for cars and water vehicles.

The restaurant is open every day from 11:00 to 23:00.


Wine & beverage

Telephone for orders: +371 63429714

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History of the building

The history of the building housing the recreational centre “Libava” goes back to the distant 1772, when two small buildings facing the Trade Canal were built at the end of the wooden bridge leading to Vecliepāja (Old Liepāja). They were located on each side of the road parallel to each other to accommodate the bridge guard and to provide premises for customs services. Ships arrived here for customs controls through the Trade Canal. Pedestrians and traffic crossed the bridge and continued their way between the two buildings into the city.

In 1830 a new wooden lifting bridge was built instead of the old bridge. Pedestrians and traffic continued crossing the bridge and passing between the two buildings into Lielā Street.

In autumn 1881the construction of a new stone and metal bridge was completed. It was moved seawards by 70 metres thus providing an opportunity to wall up the space between the two buildings, since the old bridge was not used any more. As a result, a spacious hall was built in1894. Elements of eclecticism and art nouveau were used in decoration of the new merged building. The Workers’ House was located here at the very end of the 19th century.

During the world economic crisis from 1928 to 1933 it housed a soup kitchen for the unemployed and served as a hiring point.

The local sailors and fishermen knew this place very well because the legendary pub At the Black Ball was located in the building towards the end of the 1930s. After World War I a high pole was erected in front of the facade of the building facing the bridge. If the weather was bad or a storm was approaching a black ball was pulled up the pole. It was visible from a distance and warned the experienced seadogs of the danger. This is how the fishermen’s pub got its name At the Black Ball at the end of the 1930s. Just there, on the very bank of the Canal, a spontaneous fish market emerged in those days. Fishermen sold their catches straight from their boats. If the black ball was pulled up it was clear to everyone that fishermen had not gone out to sea and that there was no fish.

During World War II the building was lucky not to suffer from German bombing. Unfortunately, there is no information regarding the use of the building during the war and the following years. In the 1950s it was planned to use the building for housing a fish restaurant. Its design was already commissioned and it even had a name – Golden Anchor. However, the project was not implemented because the basement started to get flooded.

In 1967 the Liepāja City and District Division of the USSR Innovators and Rationalisers Association moved into the building. An exhibition hall, library, an amateur photo studio “Liepāja” and offices were also located there. At that time the building was called the Innovators Club. Later on the house was not appropriately managed and maintained for many years.

After 1991,when Latvia regained its independence, the building was disregarded. It only changed hands but the negligence of the new owners towards the building, which had been changing with the times, did not change.

Until 1992 the building was an architectural monument of a local significance, but the then minister of culture, architect Jānis Dripe crossed out many monuments from the respective list, including this building. In 1997 the Liepāja City Council made a decision to include the building on the list of particularly important buildings.

The fate of the building took a turn for the better in 2003 when it became the property of the company SB. Its new owners did not try to save money on renovation. The flooded basement was drained and the old building revived in 2005. The house, which had played an important role in the history of Liepāja for more than two centuries, was given the old name of the sea city – Libava.

Architect Guntars Vīksna and interior designer Antra Blekte breathed new life into the building by combining the old and modern in a very elegant manner. Everything has been well considered right down to the last detail. The house, equipped according to the latest design and technical standards, can boast fragments of its old brick walls. The building which had housed the bridge guard, customs office, Workers’ House, soup kitchen, pub and the Innovators Club was brought back to life.

Currently the building houses a hotel with seven rooms, a banquet room, bath complex, and restaurant offering a wide selection of fish dishes.

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Our location

Address: Vecā ostmala 29, Liepāja, LV-3401, Latvija
Tel.: +371 634 25318; +371 27080005
Fax: +371 634 25319


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